Intag Cloud ― optimizing time to market and help your business grow
Heads up! The Intag Cloud project is at MVP stage already and looking for partners to make first public release available
How it works

When business starts from idea of a product, Intag Cloud complements an idea with services, from Web-site with automated lead capture and billing ― to client relations and sales/stores/manufacture management

No client phones handwriting, no manual form filling ― it's all integrated and automated

When business grows, Intag Cloud adds marketing tools, analytics, reporting, activities planning/tracking, call center functions and many more

Technology adapts and follows business model changes

Start with integrated CRM/ERP/CMS application stack
  • Intag Cloud is a convenient way to start online sales and communications early, with reasonable cost and minimal maintenance efforts
  • Automated lead capture, billing, SMS/Email notifications make sales dept perform efficiently from day one
  • Focus on your business model while Intag Cloud takes care of Customer Relationship, Enterprise Resources and Content Management
Be in control with business metrics, analytics and marketing tools
  • Make decisions using sales dynamics and trends, person/team activities planning, resources availability, production status and other analytics
  • Promote your products and services using mass Email with built-in tracking and Google Analytics support
  • Work with data and prepare PDF/XLS business reports with ease
Optimize performance and harden security
  • Intag Cloud firewalls protect your data from DDoS and load balancers ensure business up and running 24/7
  • Need even more security? Private cloud hosting and VPN services are integral components of Intag Cloud, as well as SSL certificates
  • Security and reliability from simple hosting ― to sophisticated setups involving SMS/VoIP services, call centers and more
Improve connectivity and 3rd party integration
  • APIs are finally fun to work with!
  • Intag Cloud removes unnecessary abstractions using innovative approach to describe, build and maintain application interfaces
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